What is the purpose of this facility?

It will support the educational aspects of a unique Legacy project.

Is the project a Charity?

Arrangements are in hand to register a charity in connection.

What does the acronym 'Wital' stand for?

'Worldwide Information Transfer About Life'.

What information does it provide?

Core output that helps to resolve serious issues.

Why is information of this nature needed?

To help reduce unresolved issues, the related dysfunctions, and the resultant harm.

How is Wital funded?

Mostly by private benefaction.

Are there adequate ongoing funds?

The project needs finance to bring it to fruition.

How does the project intend to achieve scale?

The ideal is JV collaborations.

What funding is needed?

To deliver the overall potentials.

How is the reliability of the output demonstrated?

It is derived from specialist Core understandings.

What are they?

They amount to the most reliable information in existence.

How can I express interest?

Complete the Form.